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William Kentridge

Un Homme Qui Dort
The Man Who Sleeps – Bernard Queysanne

Christian Marclay

Time in terms of “timing” of sound an image (abstraction)
1935-1937 Len Lye – “Kaleidoscope”

A Colour Box – hand painted film

Trade Tattoo

An Optical Poem – produced by Oskar Fischinger 1938

John Whitney

Walter Ruttmann – Lichtspiel Opus 1,2,3,4 -The first abstract film screened publicly – 27 April 1921

Symphonie Diagonale Viking Eggeling

Hans Richter – Rhythm.21

“Ballet mecanique” (1924)

Time as in sequencing (complex sequencing / Spacial relationships)

Maya Deren – ritual in transfigured time

(should be watched with no sound)

“Meshes of the Afternoon” (1943) Short Film

Witch’s cradle (Maya Deren , M. Duchamp – 1943)

Corti surrealisti Man Ray Fernand Leger & Marcel Duchamp, 1923 1929

Early animation + Linking image with sound

Silly Symphony (was the beginning of animation/ disney + where they were able to link up the image with the sound for the first time)

Gertie the Dinosaur

First Silent FilmThe Lumiere Brothers – “Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat” – First silent documentary film – (1896)

Timing based on Actor in a Scene
Harold Lloyd’s “Safety Last”- 1923

Films That Rely on timing but are empty

Structuralist film

Wavelength (Michael Snow, 1967)

Andy Warhol’s Empire

Warhol eating a burger

Contemporary Artists video:

David Lynch

Bill Viola

Nam June Paik

Ann Hamilton

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