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í Unit 14: Jacek Mrowczyk

í Unit 13: Persuasion / Overview & Assignment

í Unit 12: Overview & Assignment

B Examples of typographic images


w Unit 2: Critique Format
October 13, 2015

Y Unit 2: Encouragement / Advice

Unit 2:

We saw evidence of excellent work and a good variety of visual explorations on the wall. Well done! You put lots of basic design principles to work in your explorations: form, color, material, context/subversion, language (type), color, quantity variations! Also photography, framing, perspective, cropping, scale, order. All Good.

Now you have the task of re-presenting what you did in a new form. You must frame, or re-frame, the record of the event(s).

This is what this field is largely about: Visual Communication, pure and simple.

Breaking it down:
You performed some interventions on various sites. You used form, material, language, color, quantity, context. You created many different environments and moments in space: strange experiments; bold interventions; quiet visual poetry; surreal and surprising landscapes; and so on. In some cases you created narrative. In some cases you made purely aesthetic or formal moves.

Now you need to decide what it was you did, and you need to look at the records of these events, and work out how to tell others about them.

Will you approach your next step as a sorting/organizing system? Or some other method? Will you use a narrative approach? Will you develop a gathering or archive or collection? Will you create some sort of installation or wall system? Or make a book or a video to sort or reframe the work? Will you edit your material and foreground just one of your interventions? Or try to show all of them? Or create some hierarchy in a single collection? How will (can) your audience share in what happened? What methods can you employ to put your “documentation” to work to communicate to others?

Only YOU can answer these questions.

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í Unit 2: Overview & Assignment


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