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å Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

í In Class Peer Critique Activity
May 4, 2016

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How can you help each other build a more connected and self-sufficient design community?

This will be performed in-class during week 11’s class, May 5th. Read in advance so you can have one of your projects present:

Meet in groups of 5 (one person per DS section) to review some of your work. Each student will share a project from this year (completed or in-progress), followed by a peer critique and discussion.

Part 1: Presentation
Present your work
—Briefly review the assignment associated with each project or any other pertinent details needed to evaluate your work.
—Explain your intention and point-of-view
—Identify what you’re struggling with, but don’t try to coach or influence reactions; you are looking for objective feedback

Part 2: Written Critique & Discussion
After each presentation, write 3–5 pieces of constructive criticism. Put some thought into your feedback. Discuss within your group. Use the following as suggestions:
—What specific formal design decisions do you admire in the work presented and why? (typography, color, material choice and manipulation, composition, image use, etc.)
—What specific formal design decisions should the student reconsider and why?
—If the work is attempting to communicate, signify, express meaning, etc. is it successful? What does the work mean to you? If the work is not successful, what would you suggest the student do differently?
—Is the work well crafted or not? Does the student appear to care about the final product?

Part 3: Revision
Spend the remaining class time responding to the feedback you were given by revising your existing designs. Share your edits at the end of class.

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